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Explain and use of various wire mesh fence

(a) framework fence uses: frame fence is mainly used for highway, railway, airport, port, wharf, the municipal construction and breeding, mainly applied in isolation and protection.

(two) bilateral wire fence has the advantages that: the series protective net has simple structure, beautiful and practical, convenient transportation, convenient installation, strong adaptability to terrain.

(three) structure of triangular bending type protective net: the use of high strength cold drawn low carbon steel wire welded shaped by hydraulic pressure, connect accessories and steel pipe with a fixed backbone. Characteristics: high strength, steel is good, handsome in appearance, broad vision, easy installation, feeling bright, relaxed.

(four) double circle protection network structure: cold drawn low carbon steel wire welded into a net barrel curling and net surface one, connect accessories and steel pipe with a fixed backbone. Characteristics: high strength, steel is good, handsome in appearance, broad vision, easy installation, feeling bright, relaxed.

(five) special protective net airport this product is designed for model encircles the product airport design, with high strength low carbon steel wire welded, upright rectangular steel and high strength pipe, the top welding of V type bracket, greatly enhance the impact resistance of the Seine, in the top of blade barbed wire and good increase enhanced security performance, large airport at home and abroad has been widely used in the product, and has been greatly recognized.

(six) peach shaped protective net. Peach shaped fencing is a new product, is mainly popular in the United States, Japan, South Korea and the domestic big city, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, is not restricted by terrain and. The characteristics of convenient installation etc..

(seven) C type column protection network. Net C column with high strength low carbon steel wire connecting bolt forming steel column is welded into the net with C type, has the net surface flat, compact etc..

(eight) the antiglare screen fence. Application: mainly used for lighting protection of Expressway night driving vehicle. Features: beautiful and generous, easy maintenance, bright color, is the preferred products to beautify the highway environmental engineering.

(nine) shaped fence fence. Application: widely, various shapes, can be produced according to samples and requires the user to provide. Highway guardrail net. Is the most important transportation infrastructure, our country highway is developed from the 80's, plays an important role in the national economic and social development. Effect. The highway is important for maintenance and security facilities. Material: low carbon steel wire, plastic. Weaving and characteristics: welded; grid is simple in structure, convenient transportation, installation is not the terrain constraints, especially for the mountain, slope, bending region adaptability. The products are durable, price is low to moderate, suitable for large area by. Product characteristics of highway guardrail net. Highway fence products are beautiful and durable, non deformation, quick installation, is an ideal metal fence products, can be made into a permanent net wall, and can be used as a temporary. When the isolation network use, only need to use different column fixation can be achieved. With anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sunscreen, weather and so. Anticorrosion form can be used for electroplating, hot plating, spray, dip method. The use and the use scope: it is mainly used for the park / Zoo enclosure, campus / field around the world, road traffic isolation, temporary isolation belt. Fence effect: Usage: anti fence triangular bending is already widely used for decoration of protective effect of expressway, highway, railway, airport, factory, workshop, residential district, port and dock, municipal green space, garden flower beds, green.

Anping wire mesh fence products are the main highway fence, highway fence, airport fence, rail fence, bilateral Hulanwang, double lap fence, fence, the framework of grassland fence, wave fence, fence, six angle venues fence, iron fence, guardrail net, net used for the highway, railway, airport, stadium fence, garden fence, storage shelves, building network