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How to produce high quality wire mesh fence?

How to produce high quality wire mesh fence?

First, selection of raw materials. Choose low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire normal manufacturer production etc.. For example, Tang Gang, Shougang factory wire.

Second, mesh welding. To select the automatic welding machine, to produce the net surface flat, smooth and burr free, no leakage solder, diagonal error less than 0.5cm. To select the rectangular steel frame, high quality round steel. Welding seamless, no weld, surface smooth, firm welding.

Third, surface treatment, spray, dip galvanized. Dip plastic fence products is that the low carbon steel substrate, weatherable polymer resin as the outer layer (0.5-1.0mm thickness), with anti-corrosion rust proof, acid and alkali, moisture, insulation, anti-aging, feel is good, environmental protection, long service life, is the traditional paint, galvanized coating replacement products, a wide range of uses. The surface of the powder coatings are heated to a predetermined temperature and heat preservation time of the corresponding, melting, levelling, curing, so as to get the result we want the workpiece surface.

Fourth, transportation should be placed neatly, be careful not to bump.

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