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Accurate method for calculating the guardrail net weight

Someone asked how to calculate the weight and price of the fence, fence does buy these we must know, or may buy substandard fence. Today I just give you a guardrail net weight calculation, prior to the calculation we said fence prices. Guardrail net weight is the most critical step in calculating the guardrail net cost, some people simply by virtue of their experience to calculate fence cost, this approach is not science, the error is relatively large, through the scientific method of weight calculation to calculate the cost of ideal. Here we will introduce a weight fence, fence, welded wire mesh for each one calculation method: (1) the calculation method of chain link fence is: net weight (kg) =1/2 * diameter * diameter * Number * L * W cost (yuan) = net weight × silk price + hours fee + circulation costs such as: 35# wire 1 x 25 x 18 (35# wire tap 3 iron screens. 8 yuan / kg) (2) calculation method of welded wire mesh is: diameter * diameter * mesh size x length x width is calculated after Jin (3) method to calculate the fence is: m number x wire diameter * diameter * 0.00617= kg.