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The historical development of the township of wire mesh Anpi

Spring and autumn when the sun is Yu, realm. During the Warring States period, the county is the beginning of Zhongshan country after country, zhao. Qin is Julu county. Anping County home before the Western Han Dynasty, and in the county 25 miles south-west corner of Qiu Qiuxian Valley home, is zhuojun. The new Mang, Canton Wangting Anping said. The early Eastern Han Dynasty, Fu Anping original name, and spent Qiuxian valley. Jianchu four years (79 years) to which le. Yan Xi the first year (158 years), an early Anping Anping country, after Li Bo Ling County, county sheriff pingcheng. Tong Anping, Anguo, South Shenze, Raoyang four counties. San Guowei, Bo is stillling Jun anping. Jin, Bo Ling home country in anping. Tong Anping, Raoyang, Anguo, four southern Shenze county. Northern Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty, the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Anping is Bo Ling county. County town is still in Anping county. Sui Kai Huang three years (583 years), for the state county. Ping to an Dingzhou, sixteen years (596 years) of Shenzhou. The great cause of two years (606 years) is also attached Dingzhou. In three years (607 years) the abolition of the state shire, Dingzhou to Bo Ling county. The great cause of nine years (613 years) to Bo forling Jun Gaoyang County, is still of anping. Tang Wude four years (621 years), Ping to an Shenzhou, the state government for the early Anping, look for the resettlement of Raoyang. Zhenguan seventeen years (643 years) spent in Shenzhou, Ping is also Dingzhou. Congenital two years (713 years) Shenzhou is a complex. The Northern Song Dynasty, Jin, Ping is a Shenzhou. Yuan Dynasty nineteen years (1224) of waste in Shenzhou, Anping transfer of Nanping state, and the state government, Raoyang collar. King seven years (1235), Nanping state waste, Anping Li complex in Shenzhou. Unification of two years (1261) changed it really set Jinzhou road. Ming, Anping County has really set Jinzhou house. At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the county is still attached to Jinzhou. Yong Zheng two years (in 1724) in June to Shenzhou. In two years (1913) spent the state system, Xian Shu Fan Yang Zhili Province Fan Yangdao, the road to Baoding Road, An Ping still is. In 17 years (1928) in July, Zhili Province to Hebei Province, Hebei straight collar. In 26 years (1937), the county was placed under the inspector of the Tenth District, Hebei province. In 27 years (1938), set up Anti Japanese government Anping County, Shanxi Chahar Hebei border area in central hebei. In September the same year an Jizhong area two. In 29 years (1940) autumn, Hebei District, the eight district. In 33 years (1944) in June, to an area seven jizhong. In 35 years (1946) in July, and nine changed an Jizhong area. In 37 years (1948) in September, the establishment of the people's Government of North China, North China Anping Jizhong SAR area nine. In 38 years (1949) in August 1st, the Hebei Provincial People's government established, county was placed under the Hebei province county service area. In April 24, 1954, Ding county area undo, Anping County, under the Shijiazhuang area. In November 5, 1958, Anping County, into the deep, in 1961 4 at the end of Anping County re established (including the original Raoyang area), it is still Shijiazhuang area. In 1962 January, Raoyang precipitation from Anping County to restore the original system. In June 17th the same year, Anping to an area of Hengshui. In 1970, renamed Hengshui Hengshui area, is still. Anping County has a long history, has been 2000 years of history, is to build the first city of Hengshui county. Anping County is the old revolutionary base areas, has a glorious revolutionary tradition. Hebei Province, the first County CPC established in Anping, the national rural first party branch in the establishment of the village of Anping Taicheng; during the period of Anti Japanese War, the Communist Party committees Jizhong District, Hebei area, Jizhong district branches are created in this period; cooperation, was Chairman Mao Zedong praised as "the five hundred million direction of the peasants" primary cooperatives typically come from Anping County, South Wang Zhuang.

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