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The main function of city traffic guardrail

1, separate functions: traffic guardrail vehicles, non motor vehicle lanes and pedestrian traffic separation barrier, the road was divided longitudinally in the cross section, so that motor vehicles, non motor vehicle and pedestrian lane, improves the safety of road traffic, improving the traffic order.

2, stop function: traffic guardrail will block the bad traffic behavior, stop trying to pedestrians crossing the road or bicycle, motor vehicle. It requires the fence has a certain height, a certain density (the column), but also have a certain strength.

3, warning function: through the installation of the rail profile is concise and lively, alert the driver should pay attention to fence existence and pay attention to pedestrians and non motor vehicles, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing traffic accidents.

4, beautiful function: through different materials, different forms, guardrail in different shapes and different colors, and achieve the harmony and coordination of road environment.

Visible, city traffic guardrail is not just a simple isolation on the road, the key is to express and transfer of city traffic flow, traffic information, the establishment of a traffic rules, maintain traffic order, make the city traffic safe, quick, orderly, smooth, convenient effect.