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Net how to protection

Net how to protection

The steel wire rope anchor or anchor bar supporting rope fixing method and protective SNS active protection system will be metal flexible network coverage with the potential geological disaster slope, from a network protection and slope reinforcement or limitation of rockfall motion range.

The main characteristics of SNS active protection system for steel wire rope, steel wire mesh and high strength steel wire mesh three. The first two through cable bolt support rope fixed mode, the latter by reinforced (can be prestressed) and rope bolt (with edge supporting rope) anchor plate and necessary bordered along the fixed mode of the supporting rope, flexible network covering the as system feature to cover the potential geological hazards on the slope surface in order to achieve the purpose of protection. Active network according to its protection, protection capability, structure and characteristics of four types of.

Flexible feature enables the system to be locally concentrated load to the surrounding evenly transfer to give full play to the system's protection capability, namely the local load, the overall effect, so that the system can bear larger load and reduce the anchoring force of a single anchor requirements. In addition, because of the openness of the system, water free discharge, avoid due to elevated groundwater pressure caused by slope instability problems; the system has certain contribution to the stability of slope, but also inhibit the slope from being further weathering and denudation, and has no special requirements on the slope surface shape, do not damage and change on the original topography and vegetation growth conditions, its open characteristic to subsequent or future conditions and the need for artificial greening slope remains the necessary conditions, green plants can grow freely in the open space, plant roots reinforcement and slope protection system as a whole, from inhibiting slope destruction and soil loss, which in turn protects the landforms and vegetation, the slope protection and environmental protection to the best.

Active protection system

1 full use of flexible material easy extensibility and high anti impact ability, through the development of the system and a large number of field test formed adapt to the system of geological hazards of various types of slope protection, through a balanced design and parts stereotyped factory production system to achieve the standardization and optimization, accurate measurement and convenient control and the quality of the project the project quantity.

Light and building block 2 full use of lightweight high strength of metallic materials to realize the system installation, in the shortest time and the least labor for installation and maintenance is simple and fast, and adapt to a variety of complex terrain environment, avoid or reduce the interference caused by excavation of environmental damage and other operations and surrounding buildings in normal operation, can be synchronous or advance in earth excavation engineering subject construction, which can achieve reverse construction or parallel operation;

3 make full use of the openness of the system to reduce the system of visual interference and protection of the original vegetation and its growth condition, and give the implementation of artificial afforestation may be provided, make full use of slope protection plant root reinforcement and the green plant environment greening and beautifying function, the project management and environmental protection and improvement of com;

4 wire, wire rope material of special anti-corrosion treatment to ensure the anticorrosion life system is long, can reach 30 to 50 years.